“Consider another aspect of photography: its universal language. Like music and the other visual arts, it needs no translation. Its message can be felt by anyone.” – Bruce Barnbaum

Priyanshi is a wildlife photographer based in Dubai who has been capturing the magic of nature on camera since 2014.


Through her work, she showcases intimate, breathtaking pictures that range from showing the emotional bond between animals to the harsh realities of predator-prey relationships. Her portfolio truly captures the raw, undisturbed side of nature running its destined course.


She aims to bridge the gap between humans and the environment by sharing unseen glimpses of nature and bringing a positive change to the way people perceive wilderness.


Priyanshi stands firmly against wildlife abuse and hopes that her work inspires people to take a closer look at the magnificent wildlife she portrays. To that extent, she has run many photography workshops across the world, including in the GCC, India, Kenya, and South Africa.


She has been Awarded Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society of UK (LRPS)

She has been Awarded Silver Portfolio Distinction from the Photographic Society of America (SPSA)

Associated with Nikon as “Citizen Nikon” for MEA region

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